Pick-up and container service

LJG Electronics Recycling would be happy to pick up any discarded electronics that you wish to recycle. You can contact us to make a pick-up appointment. Does your company regularly collect old electronics? Then having a container placed is also an option.

Container for electronics

LJG Electronics Recycling will place a container on your business site free of charge. You can collect all old, discarded electronics in the container for recycling. Once the container is full, LJG Electronics Recycling will come and pick it up. You will receive a good price.

Container specifications: containers from 1 to 40 cubic metres.

LJG Electronics Recycling places containers at, for example:

  • Electronics suppliers
  • Thrift shops
  • Computer and telephone repair companies
  • Installation companies

Dropping off electronics or arranging a pick-up

Old electronics can be dropped off at the recycling centre in Breukelen, but you can also arrange for us to pick them up.

Are you curious to know how much money old electronics may bring in? Please contact LJG Electronics Recycling.