Receive a good daily price for your scrap metal

At LJG Electronics Recycling you have come to the right place for the purchase and recycling of metals. With us you get a good daily price for your old metals and metal waste, such as scrap iron and aluminum. LJG purchases ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals (alloys such as aluminum, bronze, lead, copper, stainless steel and zinc). The cleaner the metal, the higher the price you will get for it. We take the daily price of your scrap metal from the London Metal Exchange.

Recycling of various metals

Our recycling company processes almost all old metals and metal products such as:

  • Copper and copper cables
  • Aluminum, aluminum cables and coolers
  • Brass
  • bronze
  • Lead
  • Electric motors and batteries
  • Stainless steel (SS)
  • Iron
  • Scrap cars

Are you curious which waste metal can earn you the most money?

We buy up these metals

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